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C1000 mPOS
C1000 mPOS

Colormetrics C1000 mPOS

Unlimited mobility – that is the requirement that was the focal point during the development of the Colormetrics C1000 mPOS. The result is a flexibly usable, sophisticated and extremely user-friendly tablet for retail, hospitality, warehouses and shipping.

Yet the C1000 mPOS is not restricted to mobile usage. Together with the optional docking station you also use it in a stationary manner, for example, at the checkout or as a warehouse computer. The advantage of this option: in case you need a mobile PC for particular applications, simply remove the tablet from the docking station.

The C1000 mPOS supports Windows and Android operating systems and for data transfer it communicates to the network or the cloud via WLAN (802.11b/g/n), Bluetooth 4.0 and optionally, NFC. To use it outside of the business or warehouse there is also an optional 4G (LTE) module available, plus the tablet features GPS. As needed, expand the memory with a Micro-SD card up to 128 GB. The monitor displays brilliant colours in a resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels and a brightness of 350 Nits.

To expand the areas of application of the C1000 mPOS you also have the possibility of expanding the expansion cover. This practical case not only protects the stability of the tablet, it is also available with various pre-installed accessory devices, for example, a magnetic stripe and smart card reader, barcode scanner, NFC or 4G module. Thus, there is no need for purchasing and connecting separate peripheral devices, plus the user continues to enjoy unlimited freedom of movement. With an additional battery (6,800 mAh) you extend the operating time per charge to nearly double.

There are a variety of interfaces available for connection with external devices, such as printers and headphones. The tablet itself is equipped with a Micro USB, a Micro SD and a 3.5 mm audio port. The docking station also features an HDMI, an Ethernet, two USB 2.0 and a cash drawer port. There is an optional interface expansion, in which you choose from various combinations of either 12V or 24V PoweredUSB, RS-232 and a microphone port. This allows you to easily adapt the complete system to individual requirements.

Colormetrics knows of course that mobile usage means hardware runs the risk of being dropped. Thats why the optional expansion cover not only comes with a practical wrist strap, it additionally protects the C1000 mPOS with stable housing: even falls from heights up to 1.2 m are no problem for it. In case the tablet should become dirty, its touchscreen is easy to clean – there are no keys on the front where dust, crumbs or moisture could get stuck.

The optional docking station saves a lot of space, thanks to its small footprint of 310 x 200 x 280 mm and offers optimal stability when used in a stationary position at the counter. A weight of approximately 2.5 kg ensures that it does not tip over with the slightest bump, plus offers optimal durability for the hectic usage in retail, hospitality and logistics.

Whether used as a mobile computer for scanning goods on the shelf and on palettes, or as a stationary POS system with a removable tablet PC as a sales assistant - the C1000 mPOS opens the doors to many possibilities for users. With a high degree of reliability and unlimited mobility it makes itself indispensable as a compact, smart daily helper.

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Model CPU RAM Projected Capacitive
C1000 mPOS ntel Atom X5, Z8300 Quad Core, 1.44 GHz (max. 1.84 GHz Windows 4 GB DDR3 RAM / Android: 2 GB DDR3 RAM Multi-Touch


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